Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the market trend through smart, sustainable and certified “GIPSKARTON SAKARNI” drywall solutions to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

Our Vision

We strive to be the pioneer building and industrial group that transforms Indian resources into modern and environmentally responsible gypsum-based solutions. Our motto is Green house & eco-friendly India.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing quality product solutions to the building material industry and to retain customer satisfaction.  Therefore we ensure to focus on quality as main sphere of all our activities.

The company believes in the concept of customer and supplier working together, in Pursuing and continually striving for improvement in Quality. The Continuing aim of the company is to make improvements in its products and services, and ultimately reach a position of “Zero Defects” throughout in all aspects of the Chain of supply. 

Every employee in the company must understand that they represent a link in the Quality chain and that the quality of this chain depends on the quality of its links.

  • The latest technology of manufacturing
  • Advanced knowledge of the products and their features
  • Complying with relevant International Standard Specifications and practices.

  In pursuit of the policy, the company has developed and implemented a Quality management system to meet the requirements of the international standard.