Joint compound (also known as drywall compound, drywall mud, joint cement or mastic) is a white powder of primarily gypsum  dust mixed with water to form a paste the consistency of cake frosting, which is spread onto drywall  and sanded after dry to create a seamless base for paint on walls and ceilings.  Joint compound is used to finish gypsum  panel joints filled with paper or fiber joint tape, corner bead, trim and fasteners, and to skim coat. It is also convenient for patching holes, bumps, tears, and other minor damage to existing walls.

When considering the longevity of your drywall, it’s good to note that Joint compound has a strong base coat, which protects your drywall against cracking and mold.

  • Joint compound is a lightweight substance that is easy to apply and sand, making your project seem like a breeze.
  • Joint Compound  is surprisingly strong for how lightweight it is with an excellent bond to ensure your project stays in top shape throughout the years.
  • This product has a very smooth consistency, making it easy to spread and easy to work with. An easy sanding job will save you lots of time and hard work.